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The Tortoise Rescue, Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre focuses all resources on behalf of conservation. We provide visitors with inspiring and exciting experiences to empower them to take positive action for the sake of wildlife and the environment. The Centre is open to visitors from April to October. You may observe wonderful, unique aspects of tortoise natural history, and we will instruct you about threats to their continued survival and protective legislation. Interpretative presentations and hikes near the Centre will allow you to experience first-hand the beauty and natural richness of the area. Both species of tortoises native to Bulgaria, in all their life stages – from eggs, tiny hatchlings, juveniles to adults - will be observable to you. Likely you will have the opportunity to witness certain interesting moments of their behavior – nesting, hatching, feeding, and mating. You may take interesting pictures of tortoises from within a specially constructed blind. The best times for observing the tortoises is from May to September, and we advise you to contact us in advance for particulars.







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